Saturday, August 23, 2008

LEGO MOC: The Cockatiel World

MOC: animal, sculpture
creator: PoorElephant
size: na
great creation. very cool and funny cockatiels. they're origin from Australia. this bird modelled very detail. the creator also makes the bird's habitat diorama. well done.


Unknown said...

I, coincidently, have a courple of cockatiels that looks just like this LEGO: The fermale is white and gray, and the male have the tradicional colours. ^^
You're very good. ^^
Bye bye!
PS: Sorry for the poor English. I don't have a clue for where I put my Portuguese/English dicionary. -.-'

Anonymous said...

Great Job! My son (6) is totally obsessed with Legos right now and we happen to have 2 cockatiels. This morning he asked me what he should build...i suggested the birds. I typed "lego cockatiels" into google and this was the 1st result. Perfect! We are having trouble figuring out exactly how you put him together. Any help or suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and again, great job!

the sparrow said...

!!! amazing. i've been painting babushka cockatiels, so am a little obsessed with cockatiels right now.