Saturday, August 30, 2008

LEGO MOC: Disneyland Hong Kong

MOC: town, building
creator: HKLUG
size: minifig
nice reproduction of Disneyland Hong Kong by HKLUG. the building focus is Sleeping Beauty Castle. nicely built with some details. great color scheme. really amazing.

LEGO MOC: next generation hovercraft

MOC: town, vehicle
size: minifig
very nice creation. the creator want to create next generation of hovercraft. and the design is great. great use of many unique parts. building technique is also very interesting with some irregular brick placement. good color scheme. overall is great. awesome design.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

LEGO MOC: Boulder-Trap

MOC: pirates, diorama
creator: DARKspawn
size: minifig
The old boulder in the lava tube trap thats the second time this week,that's the creator named his creation. really cool diorama. really catch the fear of rolling boulder. minifigs' face really draw the scene. the bats also make the enviroment looks very chaotic. nice cut-out section of the tunnel with a treasure chamber. the boulder itself formed very well. color scheme is great. nice job done by the creator. rock.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LEGO MOC: Street Scene in Havana

MOC: city, diorama, vehicle
creator: oppienokki
size: minifig
nice diorama. about street in Havana,Cuba when the creator visit there in 2006. very detail scene. the cars modelled very specific to the common cars in Havana. road surface have some crack. old building proportioned very well. great color scheme. come with detail in the building interior. very interesting creation. cool.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LEGO MOC: A lil red sports car

MOC: city, vehicle
size: minifig
nice red car. the creator really can make the car looks very cute and eye catching. many parts taken from the new parts released by LEGO in Speed Racer theme. the car wide is 6 studs which is very ideal for LEGO city. great color scheme with red and black variation. the building technique is great. awesome job.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

LEGO MOC: The Cockatiel World

MOC: animal, sculpture
creator: PoorElephant
size: na
great creation. very cool and funny cockatiels. they're origin from Australia. this bird modelled very detail. the creator also makes the bird's habitat diorama. well done.


MOC: animal, sculpture
creator: oli
size: na
very nice creation. funny look cow. nicely done with standard bricks. great color scheme. even have bell on her neck. very detail included a tail, spots, nose holes and hair. the creator used LEGO CAD application first to make this model. awesome and cute cow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LEGO MOC: US Willys MB Army Jeep

MOC: military, vehicle
creator: yck888
size: minifig
the most famous military vehicle ever produced by American now translated very well into LEGO creation. the detail made similar to the real thing. color scheme is very interesting. overall design is outstanding.