Monday, April 27, 2009

MOC: Small hotel with some life on the street

MOC: town, cafe corner style
creator: Kris Kelvin
size: minifig
very beatiful building. the creator made this small hotel with diorama. the hotel is well designed. building sytle is classical with great window and wall details. nice color scheme too. come with interesting roads diorama, pedestrian and underground metro station. overall is great.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

LEGO MOC: battleship ironcross

MOC: pirates, ship, battleship
creator: rack911
size: minifig
great imperial battleship. the creator make this ship really quite big for imperial army. the ship has wide and long hull. very great proportional. it has 3 mast towers. com with 10 cannons with shields. very creative use of brick parts. the details are awesome. nice color scheme. great work.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MOC: Bus for sightseeing

MOC: town, city, vehicle
creator: hitahita-05
size: minifig
nice sightseeing bus. the creator make the bus style very beautiful. front windshield building technique is very interesting and original idea. the bus even has a muffler on the back end. the size is perfect for minifig. the bus is 8 studs wide. even the passanger seats made from bricks. it can load for 10 passanger minifigs. the roof can be detachable for putting minifig inside. nice color scheme too. great work.

Friday, April 17, 2009

MOC: Teupolis Hotel, Teupolis

MOC: town, city, building
size: minifig
nice hotel building. the creator made this high rise into great beauty. the building shape is rectangle with similar facades. come with many details and nice color combination. interesting building techniques combine with brick parts choice wise. the building really gigantic and monumental. the entrance also well built, with tall facade and piles. the stairs building technique is quite interesting. the balconies also very cool. the rooftop has high and tall roof with statues. on ground has some nice statues too. awesome and high quality work.

LEGO MOC: Rubber Duck

MOC: sculpture
creator: henningbirkeland
size: na
cute creation. the creator made the model first in Maya and then convert it to LEGO bricks using MEL-script Legolize. great modelling technique and design. the design is similar to the famous rubber duck. nice color scheme. very unique indeed.